15 Apr

Introducing the SuperMasterCharger EXD from JFM Engineering


Introducing the SuperMasterCharger EXD from JFM Engineering

JFM Engineering is proud to introduce the SuperMasterCharger EXD.  The SuperMasterCharger EXD maintains all of the intelligent features of the SuperMasterCharger, but has an expanded discharge capacity of up to 80 Amps. This expanded capacity allows the EXD to capacity test batteries with up to 80 Amp hour capacities at the full C rate, making the EXD the perfect fit for shops that regularly service main ship batteries with higher capacities.

Additionally, as with the SuperMasterCharger, the EXD can run capacity checks on two batteries of the same model simultaneously with the use of the BTAS Battery Test and Analysis System. The advantage of the EXD is that it allows for the performance of simultaneous capacity checks with an even wider number of battery models, by expanding this capability up to 40 Amps ( as opposed to 30 Amps with the standard SuperMasterCharger ) .

If you are interested in upgrading your SuperMasterCharger into a SuperMasterCharger EXD, that service is also available. Simply ship your SuperMasterCharger into JFM Engineering to have the upgrade performed and the unit re-calibrated.

Find out more about the SuperMasterCharger EXD here:

SuperMasterCharger EXD

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