31 Aug

Introducing the JFM Engineering Text Messaging Accessory!



JFM Engineering is always looking for ways to make your job easier. The latest in that effort is the JFM Engineering Text Messaging Accessory!

Instead of having to wait around checking up on your battery during test operations, now you can be notified of any issues that arise with the battery under test, from anywhere, via text message or email. So, now you can go work on the other important jobs you have to carry out knowing that you’ll be notified in the event there is an issue with the battery you are currently testing.

The JFM Engineering Text Messaging Accessory comes in two versions:  A Stand-Alone version allows you to simultaneously monitor one Legacy Charger and one Intelligent Charger and operates independently of a computer. Additionally, the BTAS-16 version works with the BTAS-16 software to keep you up to date with the operation of all the Charger/Analyzers connected to the software (up to 16).



Stand Alone Version


BTAS-16 Version

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And find out more about both models on our website :

Stand Alone Text Messaging Accessory

BTAS-16 Text Messaging Accessory