11 Nov

Introducing the JFM SuperMini


Introducing the SuperMini, a new product from JFM Engineering!

The SuperMini is JFM Engineering’s latest Charger-Analyzer for servicing Nickel-Cadmium and Lead-Acid batteries. The SuperMini is able to produce a charge current of up to 20A and a discharge current of up to 40A. Designed with smaller operators in mind, the SuperMini maintains all of the high end features of JFM’s flagship SuperMasterCharger, at a lower capacity and therefore a lower cost.

With 20A charge and 40A discharge capability, the SuperMini is perfectly suited for a wide variety of Nickel-Cadmium and Lead-Acid Batteries with capacities up to 40A-Hr. Additionally, the SuperMini retains all of the protections of the SuperMasterCharger, including Reverse Polarity, Open Circuit, Over/Undercurrent, Over Temperature and Short Circuit protections. The SuperMini is also fully compatible with JFM’s BTAS system, which allows for remote programming, monitoring (Text Messaging Notifications) and battery test automation.

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