BTAS-16K Change Log

February 6 2018

  • Corrected Auto Config issues with the miniMasterCharger
  • Further Implemented fix for non-printable characters in a work order name

January 26 2018

  • Added support for the MFC-25
  • Implemented fix for non-printable characters in a work order name fix

November 6 2017:

  • Added Allow Zero Current Shunt Tests (For Resistor Cap Tests) option to the Advanced Test Settings Menu.  This option allows the user to record cell voltages when a battery is being discharged through a resistor, rather than being discharged by a charger/analyzer.

September 22 2017:

  • Added an option to allow the User to manually resize the columns of the main grid.
  • Changed Custom Time Settings to be controlled under the Edit Custom Test Settings menu rather than the Manage Battery Models menu for Custom Cap, Custom Chg, Custom Chg 2 and Custom Chg 3.
  • Option in Advanced Test Settings to end tests when the charger signals END expanded to include Peak End also.

August 14 2017:

  • Implemented BTAS communications fix for errant termination characters

August 8 2017:

  • Improved/Fixed Graphics for windows display settings of 125% and 150%

June 19 2017:

  • Organized Advanced Test Settings to be More Intuitive
  • Added Option to End a Test Regardless of Time when an END is Indicated by the Charger/Analyzer
  • Added Option to Add One Minute to Test Times of ICA Chargers When Using Auto Config To Insure That There is No Timing Mismatch
  • Added Option To Control the Period of the Declining Cell Voltage Test
  • Improved MFC-10 Current Setting Resolution
  • Improved Reliability of Comm Port Setting Dialog

May 24 2017:

  • Implemented Charge Min Voltage and Capacity Min Voltage Graph coloring
  • Improved Graphs Reporting Form
  • Further Integrated MFC-10
  • Suppressed DataGridView Error Notification

May 4 2017:

  • Refined Notification Service Level Settings
  • Improved Custom Test Plots
  • Fixed Combination Test Plot Display to Show Full Test Time Axis
  • Added Ability to Interpolate Cell Failure Time to Test Summary Reports

April 27 2017:

  • Added ‘Custom Charge 2’ and ‘Custom Charge 3’ entries to Manage Battery Model Interface
  • Improved Reports for 2 Batt Cable tests
  • Added Change Log link to Help screen