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Water Filler for Nickel-Cadmium Cells


The task of water leveling Nickel-Cadmium batteries is laborious and  involved.  While  injecting water in the cells of the battery until they reach a specified level is the main goal of this task, it is also necessary to know how much water was injected.  Knowing the amount of water consumed by each cell is important because water consumption is a measure of the overcharge activity of the battery and will determine the required test interval for proper battery performance and longer battery life.  Failure to properly monitor and service the electrolyte level can result in in-flight battery overheating, shortened battery life and catastrophic thermal runaway.  The MasterFiller provides you with a simple and accurate method to both fill the cells to the required level while recording the information for subsequent output to a ticket printer or to the BTAS16 System.



  • The MasterFiller is an instrument designed to deliver measured quantities of distilled water as required in the service of Aircraft Nickel-Cadmium batteries.
  • The MasterFiller consists of a microprocessor controlled pump with a level sensing probe, a keypad and display and an external 12VDC power supply (or optional battery).
  • The MasterFiller is part of a system comprising Intelligent Charger-Analyzers and Software for Battery Data Acquisition and Analysis, designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the process of testing batteries for airworthiness certification.


Level Sensing

  • Electronic ( no air pumps )

Accuracy and Precision

  • ± 1 cc ( calibrated )

Dispense Modes

  • Single Cell
  • Multi Cell
  • Pre-measured: 5 cc, 10 cc and 20 cc

Data Viewing

  • LCD Readout
  • External Printer ( optional )
  • Automatic transmission to the BTAS-16 system

Power Voltage

  • 12 V External Adapter ( 90-260 VAC 50-60 Hz )


  • +5o C to +35o C ( contact factory for extended temperature operation )

Part Number

  • 9891050001
  • 2018TS142G (Optional MasterFiller Ticket Printer)


MasterFiller Brochure

MasterFiller Manual

Note:  Specifications subject to change without notice.