21 Mar

Introducing the MFC-10 Multi-Function Charger


JFM Engineering is proud to introduce the MFC-10 Multi-Function Charger. Designed to be highly portable and with a current capacity of up to 10 Amps, the MFC-10 is well suited for Topping and Boost Charges.

The MFC-10 can also be purchased with a charging hub. The charging hub allows for the MFC-10 to monitor up to eight batteries and supply them with boosting or topping charges when appropriate. Using the MFC-10 with the optional charging hub allows for the service readiness of batteries being held in stock to be extended and can prevent battery damage due to self discharge.

Additionally, the MFC-10 can be computer controlled, is compatible with JFM’s BTAS-16 Battery Test and Analysis System, and can even be used has a primary charger for main ship batteries of up to 100 Ah when used as a c/10 charger.

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15 Apr

Introducing the SuperMasterCharger EXD from JFM Engineering


Introducing the SuperMasterCharger EXD from JFM Engineering

JFM Engineering is proud to introduce the SuperMasterCharger EXD.  The SuperMasterCharger EXD maintains all of the intelligent features of the SuperMasterCharger, but has an expanded discharge capacity of up to 80 Amps. This expanded capacity allows the EXD to capacity test batteries with up to 80 Amp hour capacities at the full C rate, making the EXD the perfect fit for shops that regularly service main ship batteries with higher capacities.

Additionally, as with the SuperMasterCharger, the EXD can run capacity checks on two batteries of the same model simultaneously with the use of the BTAS Battery Test and Analysis System. The advantage of the EXD is that it allows for the performance of simultaneous capacity checks with an even wider number of battery models, by expanding this capability up to 40 Amps ( as opposed to 30 Amps with the standard SuperMasterCharger ) .

If you are interested in upgrading your SuperMasterCharger into a SuperMasterCharger EXD, that service is also available. Simply ship your SuperMasterCharger into JFM Engineering to have the upgrade performed and the unit re-calibrated.

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SuperMasterCharger EXD

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09 Dec

Introducing the All New BTAS-16K software!



The original BTAS-16 software has been completely rewritten, from the ground up, as the all new BTAS-16K software. The BTAS-16K software is designed to take advantage of all that the modern Windows environment has to offer. While the BTAS-16K software retains all of the same functionality as the original BTAS-16 software, it also offers several improvements:

  • Complete Integration With JFM’s Intelligent Charger-Analyzers
  • The Ability to Pre-Program Intelligent Charger-Analyzers Based on Battery Model Profiles Saved in the BTAS-16K Data Base
  • Faster Operation and A More Responsive Graphical User Interface
  • Improved Plotting Graphics and Battery Reports
  • Status Updates by Email or Text Message
  • Automatic Updating Through the Internet
  • Built-In Ability to Export Reports to PDF, Excel or Word

Along with these Improvements, we will also be rolling out further upgrades to the BTAS-16K software through it’s Automatic Updating feature down the line. Future features include the addition of combination tests (ex. Full Charge / Cap Test) and automated cell by cell voltage analysis.

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Enhanced Reporting


Improved Graphics


Updated and Easy to Use Database Interface

With JFM’s new BTAS-16K software, battery testing has never been easier!

11 Nov

Introducing the JFM SuperMini


Introducing the SuperMini, a new product from JFM Engineering!

The SuperMini is JFM Engineering’s latest Charger-Analyzer for servicing Nickel-Cadmium and Lead-Acid batteries. The SuperMini is able to produce a charge current of up to 20A and a discharge current of up to 40A. Designed with smaller operators in mind, the SuperMini maintains all of the high end features of JFM’s flagship SuperMasterCharger, at a lower capacity and therefore a lower cost.

With 20A charge and 40A discharge capability, the SuperMini is perfectly suited for a wide variety of Nickel-Cadmium and Lead-Acid Batteries with capacities up to 40A-Hr. Additionally, the SuperMini retains all of the protections of the SuperMasterCharger, including Reverse Polarity, Open Circuit, Over/Undercurrent, Over Temperature and Short Circuit protections. The SuperMini is also fully compatible with JFM’s BTAS system, which allows for remote programming, monitoring (Text Messaging Notifications) and battery test automation.

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31 Aug

Introducing the JFM Engineering Text Messaging Accessory!



JFM Engineering is always looking for ways to make your job easier. The latest in that effort is the JFM Engineering Text Messaging Accessory!

Instead of having to wait around checking up on your battery during test operations, now you can be notified of any issues that arise with the battery under test, from anywhere, via text message or email. So, now you can go work on the other important jobs you have to carry out knowing that you’ll be notified in the event there is an issue with the battery you are currently testing.

The JFM Engineering Text Messaging Accessory comes in two versions:  A Stand-Alone version allows you to simultaneously monitor one Legacy Charger and one Intelligent Charger and operates independently of a computer. Additionally, the BTAS-16 version works with the BTAS-16 software to keep you up to date with the operation of all the Charger/Analyzers connected to the software (up to 16).



Stand Alone Version


BTAS-16 Version

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Stand Alone Text Messaging Accessory

BTAS-16 Text Messaging Accessory