Parts: SuperMasterCharger and SupersederXG

Spare Parts for SuperMasterCharger and SupersederXG

Check with the factory for parts not listed
Circuit Boards
Main Control Board 9879603001
Microprocessor 9879624002
Power Control 9879603004
I/O-Communications Board-Harness 9862603005
Transformer Control 9879603006
Battery, 8.4V 750mA-Hr, (7 cells), rechargeable 391207R750
Charge Diode 9811603463
Charge SCR 9811603461
Circuit Breaker, dual 40A, magnetic 43320240L0
Current Limiter, Charge (60A) 4317ANL060
Current Limiter, Discharge (80A) 4317ANN080
Discharge Diode 981160346
Discharge Driver Q1 4822J15001
Discharge Driver Q2 4822J15002
Discharge Resistor, 0.33 ohm, flameproof 47413CR33F
Discharge Transistor 4822J15023
Fan, 12VDC, 126CFM 261112BFSR
Line Filter 2711202038
Power Supply, Main 4022PT65A0
Power Supply, Fans 40226513R5
Shunt, 100A, 100mV 298110122C
Battery Cable, Single Connector 9895603801
Battery Cable, Dual Connector 9895603802
Single Cell Adaptor 9895902003
Temp-Plate 9895603803