JFM Engineering provides the following services for battery test equipment manufactured by JFM Engineering:


Calibration of chargers and charger-analyzers. This service is provided to maintain the equipment at their rated performance.  We can also calibrate other brands of Chargers and Charger-Analyzers


Repair or replacement of parts, wiring and circuit boards.  This service is provided to restore performance and satisfy calibration requirements.  We can also repair other brands of Chargers and Charger-Analyzers.  Please note that support for the Superseder II has ended (as of January 1, 2014) – Contact us for upgrade and trade-in opportunities.


Upgrade or replacement of parts, wiring  and circuit boards to elevate the performance of older units to that of newer units.  Contact us and inquire about the availability of upgrades for the Superseder and other Battery Charge-Analyzers.  We also offer trade-ins for your existing equipment, applicable to the purchase of our new Charger-Analyzers.

Consulting and Training

Our experts can also assist you with the establishment and organization of a battery test facility.  Our services include personnel training and the selection of Charger-Analyzers, accessories and documentation.

Please contact us by phone (+1 (305) 592-2272), fax (+1 (305) 594-4933) or email ( for additional details.