Plate Which Allow for the Monitor of Battery Temperature Under Test

The Temp-Plate is an accessory for all of the large system Charger-Analyzers manufactured by JFM and works with the BTAS-16 Battery Test and Analysis System.  When connected to the Charger-Analyzers it is used to terminate the charge in the event of a battery overtemp at  45° C ( 113° F ) thus permitting unattended operation.  When used with the BTAS-16 the Temp-Plate allows for the recording of battery temperature during the charge process for later review.



  • Temp Sensors:  Thermistors
  • Number of sensing points:  Four points ( two per battery position )


  • Shorted receptacle to bypass one of the connectors on the Battery Cable when testing only one battery.
  • Temp Sensors to the Charger-Analyzer
  • Temp Sensors for the BTAS16 Battery Test and Analysis System


  • 559 mm long ( 22 inches )
  • 235 mm deep (9.25 inches)
  • 51 mm  height (2 inches)

Part Number

  • 9895603803

Note:  Specifications subject to change without notice.