BTAS-16 Text Messaging Accessory

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Monitor your Charger Analyzer Via Text or Email with the BTAS-16 Text Messaging Accessory!

Now you can keep tabs on your BTAS-16 equipped battery shop with your smart phone or computer.  With the BTAS-16 Text Messaging Accessory you will no longer need to be in the battery shop to know when your Charger Analyzer needs attention.  The BTAS-16 Text Messaging Accessory  will save you time and allow you to work on other jobs while ensuring that you know when any issues with your Chargers Analyzers arise.


  • Works with the BTAS-16 Battery Test and Analysis Software.
  • System is email based and uses wireless providers’ SMS gateways to send text messages.
  • Configuration is completed through the BTAS-16 software.
  • DHCP ip connection (typical wired internet connection type where you are automatically assigned an ip address).  Contact JFM for additional options (wireless or static ip connections).
  • Works with up to 16 Charger Analyzers, connected to the BTAS-16 system.
  • Compatible with any Charger Analyzer that your have connected to you BTAS-16 system.
  • Powered through computer’s USB port.

Note:  Specifications subject to change without notice.


BTAS-16 text messaging system configuration instructions

Product Images