Calibrator for Battery Charger-Analyzers

  • The VCM-100 is an instrument designed to verify the performance and to calibrate Battery Charger-Analyzers used on Nickel-Cadmium, Lead-Acid and other types of batteries.  It is principally designed for the use with the MasterCharger ( or Superseder ) line of battery test instruments but it can also be applied to other types of chargers and charger-analyzers.
  • The instrument is comprised of a digital Ammeter and Voltmeter that is connected between the charger under test and the battery.  In addition, it provides a low current adjustable voltage source to simulate the various battery voltage cut-off points and a Temp-Plate simulator to test the battery overtemp portion of the MasterCharger ( or Superseder ) line of charger-analyzers.
  • Two 3-1/2 digit LED meters provide the simultaneous monitoring of voltage and current on the charger and battery under test. The voltmeter can also be used independent of the battery cable by way of the two external meter lead jacks.
  • Current and voltage measurements can be performed through the external cables, fitted with a Battery Cable Plug and a Battery Receptacle, or through the front panel binding posts, for other types of tests ( at low currents ).
  • Usable with the Christie RF80K


Current Capacity

  • Through the rear cables:  50 A, continuous and 100 A, intermittent
  • Through the front panel binding posts:  10 A max

Voltage Measurement Capacity

  • 0 to 20 V ( 19.99 V ) or 0 to 200 V ( 199.9 V ), internal or external.

Voltage Source

  • Externally adjustable: 0 to 100 V at 25mA max current


  • Type:  LED, 3-1/2 digit
  • Voltage:  0 to 19.9 V and 0 to 199.9 V ranges
  • Current:  o to 199.9 A


  • Voltmeter source and scale selector
  • Potentiometer for calibrator voltage adjustment
  • Calibrator On Line/Off Line  ( connected to the output/disconnected ) selector switch
  • Calibrator voltage polarity ( normal and reverse ) selector switch
  • Thermistor selector switch
  • Thermistor temperature simulator selector switch
  • Power On/Off switch ( on rear power entry block )
  • Line voltage selector ( on rear power entry block )


  • Front panel binding posts ( fused )
  • External voltmeter banana jacks
  • Rear posts with cables with battery connectors
  • Shunt monitor banana jacks
  • Temp-Plate simulator cable connector

Overcurrent Protection

  • Power ( line ) and Output ( for low current binding posts only )

Line Voltage

  • 115/230 VAC +-10%, 50-60 Hz.


  • +5o C to +35o C

Part Number

  • 9891064003


VCM-100 Manual



Note:  Specifications subject to change without notice.