Who We Are


Our Mission

JFM Engineering is dedicated to the development and manufacture of precision battery test systems, designed to provide high accuracy and efficiency during the process of testing and certification of aircraft,  industrial and commercial batteries.

Our goal is to remain on the cutting edge of current technology and to offer to our customers equipment of the highest quality,  reliability, performance and ease of operation.

Company Profile

JFM Engineering was established in 1978 to develop battery charger-analyzers for the testing of aircraft Nickel-Cadmium and Lead-Acid batteries. The design goal was to achieve simplicity of operation through intuitive, user friendly controls, while providing the means to test batteries exactly as recommended by the battery manufacturers and while  maintaining instrumentation quality performance. We currently offer an extensive line of instruments  with capabilities to handle every type of rechargeable battery and we are continuously working on enhancements to achieve productivity increases in the operation of battery shops . Please visit the products section for details.

JFM Engineering also repairs and calibrates all of the products we manufacture.

Battery Servicing

Additionally, JFM’s own Battery Shop offers battery testing and certification, backed by the most stringent procedures and certified accuracy of our own test equipment. Please visit the services section for details.


Our experts can also assist you with the establishment and organization of a battery test facility.  Our services include personnel training and the selection of Charger-Analyzers, accessories and documentation.

Please contact us by phone (+1 (305) 592-2272), fax (+1 (305) 594-4933) or email (sales@jfmeng.com) for additional details.